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  • Monday 6 February 2017
  • Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time (Brisbane 1:00 - 2:00 pm)



  • Stephen Chu (chair)
  • Phil Robinson (HISA)
  • Richard Townley-O'Neill (The Australian Digital Health Agency)



  • Apology received from Andrew Griffin


Confirmation of meeting Agenda


No change requested


Agenda approved as is

Approval of Minutes of previous conference call



Minutes of December 2016 conference call not confirmed due to lack of quorum


Deferred to next meeting (27 February 2016)

Actions from previous meeting/conference call

(1) Notify HL7 Australia Board/Secretary re email notification problem

Carry forward from scheduled January 2017 conference call

Stephen alerted HL7 Board/Secretary to this problem by email (sent on 19 December 2016) and requested remedial action.

Outcome: Stephen had a discussion with one of the HL7 Australia Board menbers (Ruben Daniels). Ruben will take the issue to the Board for discussion and exploration of possible solutions. Will provide update when new information is available from the Board

Suggest also try the following process as advertised on the "Medication WG" landing page:

"You can subscribe to regular meeting notifications via email at"

(2) Medication resources: Australian localisation use cases/requirements

  • No use case/requirement received 
  • Stephen to follow-up with HL7 Australia Board re more effective mechanism/channel for reaching out to members
  • Phil Johnson suggested the workgroup to provide context information on what is expected/required of the use cases. This will useful guide for submitters when the use cases are developed
  • Action owner - Stephen Chu (completed - see February 27 meeting notes)

Work Plan 2017

Medication resource

Medication Request

Medication Dispense

Action Arising

  • No  discussion due to lack of quorum.
  • Defer to next meeting

Other Business

Medication Workgroup co-chair positions

Discussion deferred till next meeting

Reaching out to Workgroup members

Stephen to discuss with HL7 Australia Board regarding Listserv type of channel/mechanism for reaching out to members

Meeting Timing

There was a brief discussion on whether Monday afternoon was an optimal time for WG meeting, whether there is another better time to improve attendance

It was decided that this question should be put to the WG members when there is sufficient member attendance

Next meeting

Monday, 27 February

Time: 2 - 3 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving

1 - 2 pm Queensland/Brisbane




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