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This page describes the Connectathon event that will be held on December 5th-6th Melbourne

AU PD December 2017 Connectathon Sign-up Spread Sheet



  • Track 1: PD Server Track
    • Touchstone Testing Tool:
    • Signup to Touchstone
    • Setup a Touchstone Test System for your service
    • Create a Touchstone Test Setup
      • Select AU PD tests (yet to be published)
      • Choose FHIR Server to check 
    • Run the Test Setup
    • Returned results will be validated against AU Provider Directory Profiles
    • Check the results 

Connectathon Organization

The connectathon will be held over 2 days

It will be based on the STU3 verison of the spec at [1] 

Profiles for this event are the December publications of FHIR implementation guides

Test Servers

These are the recommended STU3 servers for this event. 

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