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AU Base Status

Slicing of identifers

  • Silce on profile have separate Identifier type profiles e.h. IHI
  • Vital signs profile not really needed in AU base - consider just using STU3 profile

Slice by Valueset membership

SNOMED coding for VitalSigns

  • propose SNOMED-CT codes for vital signs to discuss further NCDHC
  • start with a concept map to describe this

Terminology services for CI build

  • FHIR versions specified by the IG
  • Packaging NCTS terminology is an option
  • Official request for terminology service use 

Update of SNOMED-CT AU

R4 strategy and timeline

  • AU Base 1 for FHIR STU3
  • AU Base 2 for FHIR STU3 
  • AU Base 3 for FHIR R4 (port after STU3, including draft material)
  • STU3 done based on any demand; assess this
  • PD 1 for FHIR STU3 (record of POC) depends of AU Base 1
  • PD 2 for FHIR R4 depends on AU Base 2 (CI → ballot)
  • CH 1 for FHIR STU3 based on AU Base 1 (record of POC)
  • RCPA Cancer Reporting → will be worked on
  • Agency business
  • ARGO 1 for FHIR R4 depends on AU Base 3

Other Activities

  • NCTS STU3 service → intent to go to R4
  • (PC 1 for FHIR R4)
  • QCTS terminology service will happen

R5 Sep/Oct 2020 - potential; will ask market; may be delayed

Birth Sex Representation

  • We think observation  - use LOINC and/or SNOMED-CT
  • Genetic basis for sex / Presenting biology
  • Investigate terminology 
  • QLD health will comment
  • CSIRO will comment

Next Ballot:  

  • Encounter
  • HealthcareService specialty/type binding fixes
  • Prescribing 

  • Empty list / no data
  • List/Section RTFM  - R4 spec
  • HI service - push IHIs with changes in demographic 


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