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Jim Steel, CSIRO

The Australian e-Health Research Centre is CSIRO's hub for research in the use of information and communication technology in healthcare. We are using FHIR in our production-ready terminology product, Ontoserver, as well as in research fields such as image analysis, genomics and health system analytics, and to support clinical trials through integration with REDCap.

Brian Postlethwaite, Telstra Health : A connected future for healthcare

Highlight a sample of Telstra Health applications that are using FHIR to connecting existing systems in production today.

Brett Esler, Oridashi - FHIR Backbone: Flexible Primary Care Data Access Patterns with FHIR

Common data access patterns in action based on core FHIRTM services for primary care clinical systems. These patterns are used to support varied solution support based on the varied needs and capability of customers all using Oridashi Hiasobi FHIRTM services as the backbone data source. Will be presenting a broad overview of the approaches used where Oridashi is going with respect to implementation guide implementation and standards complimenting FHIRTM.

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