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HL7 AU Event 15th-16th April at KPMG Level 38 - 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000

April 15th 2019

Room 23/24 09:30 am - 6:00 pm

Argonaut Australia Connectathon - SMART on FHIRtm and Patient (Info)

Get together for technical implementers to progress common understanding SMART on FHIRtm with a Patient (Both STU3 or R4 version of AU Base) resource profile and basic read/search access

Those interested in SMART application launch and most basic FHIRtm interactions are most welcome to attend. Some example minimal SMART on FHIRtm applications source and Test SMART on FHIRtm capable servers will be available to explore. Server and client role participants are most welcome. You will need to bring your development tools ready to play.

FHIR Round Table Showcase (Showcase Lineup)

In the same room as the connectathon we are offering the opportunity for implementers of FHIRtm to make a short presentation on their work (up to 15 minutes). We welcome anyone using FHIRtm in any capacity for their implementations to give an overview of where FHIRtm fits into their work. Whether project or product usage of FHIRtm we would love to hear about it. Please contact to arrange a slot.

April 16th 2019

Room 23 09:30 am - 4:30 pm

AU Base Connectathon - Validating Resources with STU (Topics)

Get together for technical implementers to verify the AU Base STU publication definitions. We are particularly looking at profile based validation with definitions from the AU base implementation guide. This is a great chance to try out implementing and validating against a profile defined in an FHIRtm implementation guide. The AU Base Implementation Guide offers representations for many Australian localised concepts and forms the basis of other implementation guides with specific use cases e.g. Provider Directory and Child Health Implementation Guides.

Room 22 09:30 am - 4:30 pm

Child Health Working Group Face to Face meeting

Face to face meeting of the child health working group to continue discussion and work on modelling based on requirements for this project. All are welcome to attend, observe and participate.

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