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what Australian FHIR implementation guides are available?

  • AU Base FHIR IG  - base localisation concepts
  • AU PD FHIR IG - provider directory 
  • Australian Argonaut - localisation of US project
  • Child Health FHIR IG - new guide in development

what is the current scope of work in these guides?

  • PA WG - Patient, Practitioner, PractitionerRole, Organization, HealthcareService, RelatedPerson, Device, Location (Encounter, Consent)
  • MEDS WG - Medication, MedcationRequest, MedicationDispense, MedicationStatement, Immunization
  • OO WG - Observation, BodySite
  • CHWG -  profiles across multiple groups
  • Australian Argonaut - aligned with original US project + AU Base
  • Other Material - Composition, Condition, AllergyIntolerance

how do implementation guides get produced?

  • Implementation guides are made up of FHIR resources; associated narrative/content pages; IG template material
  • Modelling done typically using Firely Forge  (ImplementationGuide, StructureDefinition, SearchParameter etc.)
  • Terminology work (ValueSet, CodeSystem, etc.)
  • Interactions (CapabilityStatement)
  • Conformance Testing (TestScript)

what is the content status process for implementation guides?

current specificaiton status

  • AU Base - QA snapshot pre meeting; review in sessions at this meeting; re-worked Ballot snapshot to be produced after this event
  • AU PD - review in sessions at this meeting; re-worked Ballot snapshot after this event working with the Secure Messaging Technical Working Group
  • Australian Argonaut - draft CI build utilising AU Base concepts where available; next steps discussion tomorrow
  • Child Health - draft; in development, material being worked on; discussion tomorrow

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