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AU Base - Australian Base Profiles

PD - Provider Directory

CH - Child Health 

ARGO - Argonaut Australia

FHIR STU 3 Stream

AU Base 1 for FHIR STU3 - first balloted version for STU3 (ballot complete)

AU Base 2 for FHIR STU3 - further STU3 ballot covering NCDHC and Agency projects; snapshot only

AU Base 3 for FHIR R4 - port of AU Base 2 to R4; for ballot

PD 1 for FHIR STU3 - record of Agency SM POC, depends on AU Base 1; snapshot only

FHIR R4 Stream

PD 2 for FHIR R4 depends on AU Base 3 for ballot

CH 1 for FHIR STU3 based on AU Base 2 - record of POC; snapshot only

ARGO 1 for FHIR R4 depends on AU Base 3 


RCPA Cancer Reporting → will be worked on

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