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The track split basically into 2 streams:

  • Education, to better understand what it, how it works, and what tooling was available (and general questions on requesting FHIR data)
  • Cardiac Risk SMART App (and a SMART Forms implementation also)

We also had a few impromptu breakout session:

  • Secure Messaging in a cloud world which had around 20 people attend. HL7 will be holding a workshop in a week or 2 do discuss this specific topic and get as many from the industry involved with the view to identify what the space could look like, then come up with a straw man on some specific use cases that we have real project needs and then setup further more detailed workshops on those into the future.
  • 715 SMART Forms solution architectures and general smart forms integrations with HL7 SDC

There were several approaches to the Cardiac Risk SMART App approach and all of which had some level of success:

A Direct SMART App

  • Launched from SMART launch on desktop for the current patient; prefilled; complete; and save back CVD risk to the clinical system.
  • Source code available at:

An SDC Forms based SMART App

Then with calculations in progress (all dynamic, just not quite there with the final step to get the score correct)

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