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Standard words for call to comment:

Public Comment and Ballot: 

HL7 Australia is pleased to announce the release of the following document for review:

<document title>
<use case description>

This is a formal call for comment over the period <start date> to end of the day <end date>. All comments received will be reviewed by the appropriate HL7 Australia working group(s) and a response to the reviewer provided. Please make all comments in the attached spreadsheet and submit the spreadsheet to the working group liaison officer by the end of the comment period. If you require in-person resolution please indicate this in your response, the working group will arrange a meeting time at which you may discuss the issue.  This is a consensus based process where broad input is sought to obtain a high quality result for all stakeholders.  The HL7 Australia board encourages ALL interested parties to consider the document content and provide feedback to the HL7 Australia working groups this includes HL7 Australia members and other interested parties. On resolution of all comments this document will be raised to full HL7 Australia Standard status or republished by working groups for further Public Comment and Ballot (in the case of substantive changes to the content requiring further review).


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