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  • Brett Esler (BE)
  • Richard Townley-O'Neill (RTO)
  • Danielle Tavares Rixon (DTR)
  • Nivesh Jaiswal (NJ)
  • Nichol Hill (NH)
  • Frances Gillett (FG)
  • Blair Thompson (BT)
  • Brendan Walker (BW)
  • Joanne Fisher (JF)


  • Joanne Fisher (JF)
  • Steve Badham (SB)
  • Jaymee Murdoch (JM)
  • Reuben Daniels (RD)
  • Tim Blake (TB)

  • Jason Steen (JS)

Discussion items

Welcome, announcements, actionsNH

Collaborative updateNH
  • Questions on:
    • How to store the name of Birth Facility
    • What Method should be used to record observation and assement results with "interpretations"

    • How do we allow a selection of a single type of observation from a value set

  • The second two of these were answered (documented on the descion page) while the first needs more understanding of the use of the information.
  • The collaborative is countinuing development of information model and starting FHIR rescourse defintions to be shared shortly

Action items

  • JM to find out whether APGAR value concepts matching those for LOINC in the profile are available, and if not, whether these can be requested for addition.
  • FG to find out more detials on the use of the birth facility name and why it is recorded.

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  1. I'm in the attendee list and the apologies list - confirming that I attended this meeting,