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  • Reuben Daniels (RD)
  • Shovan Roy (SR)
  • Blair Thompson (BT)
  • Nichol Hill (NH)
  • Jaymee Murdoch (JM)
  • Richard Townley O'Neil (RTO)
  • Danielle Tavares-Rixon (DTR)
  • Keith Richards (KR)
  • Michael Bainbridge (MB)
  • Laxmi Singh (LS)
  • Jose Veroes (JV)


  • Tim Blake (TB)

Discussion items

Welcome and introductionsRD
Co-chair changeRD and NH
Approach to generate Custom View : How the NCDHC custom views will be generated, different optionsNCDHC

Options using and not using QuestionnaireResponse

RD mentioned getting good metrics on the requirements for payload sizes and performances to assess options.

RD suggests at a mime supporting bundles with all the content and bundles with references to underlying resources should be a good start.

NCDHC will go back and come back to the group.

Patient $acccess : How Provider will get access to a Patient recordTo be discussed next week with Brett Esler.
Audit View: How Audit View will be generated in NCDHC.

Introduced by SR

Action items

  • ALL - review above AuditEvent profile content