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  • Reuben Daniels (RD)
  • Nichol Hill (NH)
  • Shovan Roy (SR)
  • Blair Thompson (BT)
  • Jaymee Murdoch (JM)


  • Brett Esler (BE)

Discussion items

Welcome, introductions, announcementsRD

  • Observation Profiling Approach for DPHR
  • Discussion regarding whether to use Pattern discriminators or fixed code profiling for observations. Agreed that further consultation with the international FHIR community should be done.
  • Discussion on when to use component, part, or additional observations. Advice received by the collaborative indicating that reusable data should be in its own Observation. The WG generally agreed with this, and RD suggested reusability should be based more on stated business requirements, rather than a purely technical luxury.
  • Action items

  • None