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  • Reuben Daniels (RD)
  • Nichol Hill (NH)
  • Richard Townley-O'Neil (RTO)
  • Shovan Roy (SR)
  • Brett Esler (BE)


  • Danielle Tavares-Dixon (DTD)
  • Blair Thompson (BT)

Discussion items

Welcome, introductions, announcementsRD

2020 Sydney WGM


NH Provided an overview of Child Health activities T THE 2020 Sydney. It was agreed that the CHWG would plan to have a two meetings at the WGM, one near the start and one near the end. SR will provide a list suggested discussion topic from the collaborative.

There was also support for participation in an international forum for child health to be facilitated via the Patient Care Working Group.

NH to send information to the Group.

IG Publisher Challenges

SRSR led a discussion of issues with the CHWG profiles and the new IG Publisher and potential fixes.
  • Action items

  • SR to prepare list of potential WG discussion topics for inclusion at the 2020 event
  • NH to circulate details in seek feedback of attendance at the 2020 event.