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  • Nichol Hill (NH)
  • Shovan Roy (SR)
  • Blair Thompson (BT)
  • Brett Esler (BE)
  • Mike Bainbridge (MB)


  • Danielle Tavares-Dixon (DTD)
  • Reuben Daniels (RD)
  • Richard Townley-O'Neil (RTO)
  • Linda Ang (LA)

Discussion items




Welcome, introductions, announcementsNH

CDHR-HI-FH & RF Consumer Ent.HI.23

SRThe group largely agreed that the Document model using Observation (consumer) is the right approach for 'Need Oxygen > 48hrs, Birth Weight <1500gms, Intensive Care >24hrs ' question. Where as the other Question are more generic and best be represented using QuestionnaireResponse. The group also advised to check the SNOMED code used.
DPHR-HI-Issues and plans HI.115a SRThe group agreed that the use of CarePlan resource for this HI is a pragmatic approach and is the way forward. More profile documentation would be helpful for the implementation to get the context

Action items

  • Blair and Shovan to check the workflow on how the family history is being collected 
  • Blair and Shovan to check the SNOMED code used in the Family Risk factor section.
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