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Data SourceConceptual Data ItemLogical Data ItemLogical Data Item Description Logical Data Item Code Logical Data Item Field TypeValueSet ValueValueSet Code & DescriptionFormatCardinality 
Harmonised (H) or Operational (Op) BOLD equals Harmonised data Name of the Data ItemThe description of the logical data itemSNOMED Code and description or
FHIR (if handled by FHIR values)
Eg text, dateBOLD equals Harmonised data eg. SNOMED, LOINCFormat and ExampleRelationship of x to y eg IHI is 1..2
OPDateDateDate observation was recorded FHIR / System generated Date DDMMYYYY  Date0..1
OPIdentity Identifier

(Baby, Pregnant Woman/Mother, Parental Responsibility)
IHIThe numerical identifier that uniquely identifies each individual in the Australian healthcare system.FHIRNumeric  Numeric1..1
DOBThe date of birth of the personFHIRDate  Date1..1
First NameFirst Name of individualFHIRText  Text1..1
Last NameLast Name of individual FHIRText  Text1..1
SexSex used to identify the patient against the HI Service (Administrative Gender - Possibly)FHIRText  Text1..1
OPAge AgeAge of Child when health event was createdSystem GeneratedDate  Date 0..1
OPEncounter EncounterAn encounter is considered a type of clinical event SNOMED 1379221000168109 | Reason for encounter Value SetIllnessSNOMED 39104002 | IllnessText0..1
SurgerySNOMED 387713003 | Surgical procedure
InjurySNOMED 417163006 | Traumatic AND/OR non-traumatic injury
Allergy SNOMED 419076005 | Allergic reaction
OtherOther type of encounter Text  Text0..*
OPCommentsCommentsAdditional comments  Text  Text0..1

(Person who is clinically responsible for the undetaking of the exam)
First NameFirst Name of ExaminerDerived from other information sources / systemsText  Text0..1
Last NameLast Name of ExaminerDerived from other information sources / systemsText  Text0..1
Designation The designation of the professional completing the examinationSNOMED 223366009 | Healthcare professional (occupation)
(Derived from other information sources / systems)
Text  Text0..1
Venue Venue of where examination/assessmment took placeDerived from other information sources / systemsText  Text0..1
OpInteraction TypeInteraction TypeThis will be used to identify the health interaction typeFHIR   Text1..1
(Person who clinically signed off the data)
AttestorUsed to indicate the person who has attested the information is correctFHIRHPI-O
Name of author
Date and Time Date and Time of Examiner attesting the informationFHIRDate (YYYY-MM-DD) Time (HH-MM-SS)  Date0..1
OpAuthor AuthorUsed to indicate where the information has been sent from ie SystemFHIR   Text1..1
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