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Below is the list of current draft HL7 Australia standards that are under development. Access to view the draft standard is open to the public, however, changes can only be made by the WG Co-Chairs and Facilitators.

Interested in providing feedback on a draft standard?  Attend an upcoming WG meeting and be part of the Work Group community!

Backlog Work Items

  • Medication: Brand Name
    • discuss: may be coded (CTPP, TPP, TPUU) or Medication.code.text + Medication.isBrand = true?
  • Medication: AMT Code - CTPP, TPP, MPP, TPUU, MPUU, MP (see base profile updates)
  • Medication: ARTG code
    • pick a system URL
  • Medication: ATC code
  • Medication: PBS code
    • discussed as multiple uses - contextless medication code (!?!), subsidy available in a given context (definition), subsidy applied on prescribing event, subsidy applied on dispense event
  • Medication: MIMS code
    • seen in use: product-form-pack (pack); and product-form (unit); product only 
  • Medication: Drug Form
  • Medication: Parent Medication Hierarchy 
  • Medication: Medication Resource Type 
  • Medication: Source Code System 
  • Medication: Ingredient Strength
  • MedicationRequest: Approval Number
  • MedicationRequest: Authority Number (Streamlined?)
  • MedicationRequest: TGA Schedule
  • MedicaitonRequest: Concession Benefit Entitlement
  • MedicationRequest: Minimum Dispensing Interval
  • MedicationDispense: Number of Repeats Allowed
  • MedicationDispense: Supply Number
  • MedicationStatement: Long Term Indicator
  • Organization: Close the Gap Participation (Code?)

  • Question: prescribe at pack level (MPP, TPP)  can I use the Medication.form to describe the contents of the pack at this level i.e. it is a pack of tablets; or is that misleading? 
    • Above question would mean package + product Medication levels are needed to hold the unit of use form coding if must be 'Pack'
    • Note pack size is not necessarily related to the 'dispenseRequest' quantity GP systems generally prescribe dispensed packs but not always.
    • Option A - 2 level modelling:
      • Medication - pack of tablets
        • code (MPP, TPP, CTPP) - this coding level available in GP systems
        • form - 'pack'
        • package
          • content (0..*)
            • medicationItem (Medication) - unit of use
              • code (MPUU, TPUU) - this level implied in GP systems
              • form - unit of use form e.g. tablet
            • amount (pack size)
    • Option B - 1 level modelling (this is sort of what happens on the GP paper script now)
      • Medication - pack of tablets
      • code (MPP, TPP, MPUU, TPUU)
      • form - contents of pack 'tablet' or 'pack' if too complicated
      • package
        • content (0..*)
          • medicationCodeableConcept - at least the name
          • amount (pack size)

Proprietary ERX fieldDescriptionMappings?


may differ from prescribe date where owing or prescribed in advance


MedicationRequest.authoredOn (created?)

Prescribe Date:

MedicationRequest.dosageInstruction.timing.event (intended usage date)





local id for patient from clinical system

Patient.identifier (Medical Record Number) in AU Base Patient


Colour orange, white or gold important for terms of dispensing repat

Patient.identifier (DVA Number)


is patient CTG

in AU Base Patient

<PrescribingSystemUsed>Genie v8.64</PrescribingSystemUsed>


drug code local identifier clinical system


important where quantity is not PBS max value (increased or decreased)


drug schedule (eg s8 identification)



such as controlled drugs with repeat interval defined


currently mapped in narrative important in terms of dispense order (all dispensed at once)

extension as


Extemp item identification for script - triggers alternate dispense workflow


used for freeform drug name


important to trigger v99f pbs code identification for non listed items



script annotation for CTG prescribed items

<DispensingSystemUsed>Fred Dispense</DispensingSystemUsed>


drug code local identifier clinical system


A=Active, O=Owing, X=Cancelled, D=Deferred


B = Dr'sBag ; E = Eye/Optom ; D = Dental ; P = Private ; N = NHS ; R = Repat ; T = Schedule3 ; U = Nurse ; F = Midwife


P=Private ; T=ScheduleThree ; N=PBSNon-ClaimableGeneral  ; G=PBSGeneral ; C=PBSConcession ; E=PBSEntitlement ; B=DrsBag ; R=Repat ; D=Denta


relevant to s100 dispensing differs from approval number required for dispense order legally


where non-pbs pharmacy dispenses pbs item privately, cannot be reverted to pb s


RTACid identifies the IVF Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) accredited unit number supplied for S100 IVF claims

Safety Net Value

$amount against safety net script

work around





concat with DVAAuthorityNumber


  • restricted conditions - streamlined authority can be used on meeting the conditions; doctor can supply that with documentation of condition 
  • apply for an authority - such as increase in supply