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Monday,  31st July 12pm-1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time





    • Approve draft agenda
    • Approve minutes of previous meetings (May 1st)
    • Announcement: Perth 17-18th August Connectathon Event - Intro to FHIR; Base AU IG + Digital Health Participant Specification
    • Expect there will be a Connectathon Mid to Late September 2017 Brisbane
    • Review Base AU FHIR Implementation Guide Medications Content - some updates for review
      • Medication: URI allocations for Medication.code
        • PBS
        • AMT (mutliple levels)
        • GTIN/EAN
      • Medication Request/Dispense - Grounds for Concurrent Supply
      • Medication Request/Dispense - Concession Benefit Entitlement
    • Discuss
      • Medication Statement - long term medication indicator as extension?
      • Medication Request - Change Type
      • Medication Request - Change Status
      • Medication Request - Change Description
      • Medication Request - Change or Recommendation Reason
      • Script Number (source)
    • Timing - text only timing, statement needs supporting?
    • Other business
    • Next meeting


  • Approved minutes
  • Events are occurring as above
  • Would like a MEDS stream for the September event
  • Using AU Base IG  to hold medications profiles
  • Dion: Medications  structure + search/lookup (examples)
    • Danielle: part pack prescribing; broken packs
    • Phil: non-brand prescribing; generic name 
    • Extension: AMT versions in the Medication (don't just rely on term)
    • Extension: Brand label (discuss further holding brand and generic concepts in same Medication instance; might not not quite the same concept)
    • Extension: medication resource type + valueset to go with that (talk at international)
    • Extension: parent medications - hierarchy back to top of tree
    • Medication.manufacturer 
    • ATC code (core FHIR url allocated)
    • PBS code - location? To discuss further
    • Basis of strength substance - representation of strength relative to... substance itself

  • Richard: status of concept labels in the FHIR IG e.g. proposal, awaiting review, agreed; good idea to have common description


    • Brett: put Danielle Bancroft example on site (in progress)
    • Danielle -> AMT code usage
    • Richard -> follow up URI from GS1 
    • Dion -> send samples/postman collection

Other Business

Next Meeting


28th August 2017





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