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Thursday,  31st August 10:00-11:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time





    • Approve minutes of previous meetings (July 31st)
    • Approve draft agenda-additions
    • Update: Perth 17-18th August Connectathon Event - Intro to FHIR; Base AU IG + Digital Health Participant Specification
    • Connectathon 11th September in Agency offices Brisbane
      • Would like to add a Medications stream
      • Use Base AU Implementation Guide profile? ?
      • Would need to publish ~Mid August with content!!
      • Maybe some workshopping for Meds instead (Dion?)
    • News: Cerner + DoseMe -
    • Review: ETP barcodes; perhaps a required pattern rather than Erx and Medisecure? Identify organisation
      • ERx: well known system url?
      • Medicsecure : well known system url?
    • Follow-up: GTIN URL
    • PBS coding: confirm and agree location
    • ARTGID: conform and agree location
    • Brand & Generic names: confirm and agree location
      • what happens if only brand name  is available?
      • what happens if only generic name available?
      • what happens if both available?
    • Manufacturer: confirm representation and agree location
    • Grounds for Concurrent Supply: review and confirm
    • Concession Benefit Entitlement
    • Other business
    • Next meeting 
      • proposal make meeting fortnightly 


  • Minutes Approved 
  • ETP - approved
    • contact ERX & Medisecure re url for system - actions
    • add type element + allocate code from table 0203
  • GTIN - approved for placeholder
    • use for now - still out to GS1 for confirmation 
    • Medication.code.coding or MedicationRequest.medicationCodeableConcept
  • PBS coding - approved
  • ARTGID - approved for placeholder
  • Actions
    • Brett: put Danielle Bancroft example on site (in progress) - DONE
    • Danielle -> AMT code usage
    • Richard -> follow up URI from GS1 - in progress 
    • Dion -> send samples/postman collection - DONE
    • Brett: status labelling of elements in profiles - seeking advice
    • Brett: eRX and Medisecure url forETP
    • Brett: follow up Perth meds implementers
    • Brett: investigate http https fall back in browsers - work on policy for identifier and codesystem urls with PA & OO

Other Business

Next Meeting

  • Doodle poll - 2 weekly or twice monthly
  • Doodle poll - day of the week + time of the day options






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