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    •  DB/RTO:  ValueSet on PBS codes - it would be good to publish that set - to Liam Barnes 
    • Medications List
      • Curated/Reconciled list - MedicationStatement (some limitations)
        • some issues with access, changes (added, changes)
        • some coding worked on for changes 
      • BE: doodle poll for 2hr call on MedicationStatement - invitations to Grahame Grieve; MyHR
      • Andrew Matthews - Webster; ADHA working group 
    • Check $this type slice cardinality 
      • 1..1 base element → 1..1 in slice (snapshot generator) 
      • need to select one type slice before checking cardinality in the slice content
      • follow up on Zulip & with Grahame 


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