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    • AU Base 1


  • Actions

          • BE: approved - see comments
          • BE: add guidance Immunization.primarySource when value unknown - see issue - use NI null flavour and extension 
          • BE: Verifier role - describe usage; checked by e.g. student or policy of second observe
          • BE: create MedicationAdministration AU profile - done
          • BE: add PractitionerRole where needed in MedicationAdministration
          • BE: Witness for Immunisation administration - look at valueset to expand  - added to issues
          • BE: move meds witness to MedicationAdministration.performer → give advice on r4 transform - added to issues
          • BE: AU Base Body Site - > naming in narrative
          • BE: container types element in R4 query zulip chat
          • BE: check international MedicationStatement needs informationSource 
          • BE: diluent zulip chat feedback required
          • BE: add OID mappings to coding into base IG
          • BE Check $this type slice cardinality 1..1 base element → 1..1 in slice (snapshot generator) -n eed to select one type slice before checking cardinality in the slice content followup Zulip with GG

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