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    1. BE: R4 dosage changes; SUSHI processing issues - no logical changes
    2. Medication Reason Taken ValueSet definition feedback from Primary Care WG
    3. Issues in Github


  • Medication Reason Taken
    • The Medication Reason Taken value set includes all values for << 182929008|Drug prophylaxis| (in the form of a refset) OR ^ 32570581000036105|Problem/Diagnosis reference set|, so the difference we're looking at is 169443000|Preventive procedure| OR << 72641008|Sedation| OR << 399097000|Administration of anaesthesia|
    • Binding should be "SHOULD"
    • DM: to go back to the Agency to provide 
      • the view of the group that the additions seem reasonable and are acceptable
      • ideally the binding would be extensible, however that depends on vendor capability and may be more appropriate as preferred. Only those with view of the vendor capabilities can make that decision
  • Discussed and annotated GitHub tickets


      • BE: discuss with Primary Care project; Agency and eHealth NSW intensive care handover project wrt medicines list
      • BE: Verifier role - describe usage; checked by e.g. student or policy of second observe
      • BE: discussed Composition.section code use across multiple IGs; potential AU Base guidance; maybe valueset for section type; rules on section content
      • BE: AU Base Body Site - > naming in narrative
      • BE: container types element in R4 query zulip chatBE: check international MedicationStatement needs informationSource BE: diluent zulip chat feedback requiredDanielle to catch up with Brett on progress around new fields for the AU Base and get some idea of timelines 
      • DM: contact the Agency regarding the Medication Reason Taken feedback in the minutes
            • Check on where updates are published for others to view/review
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  1. Seems that Prescriber Number not a new issue (smile) : see Patient Management WG Prescriber Number