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On mappings between AMT, PBS and the NPC.



PBS currently releases their xml and text file outputs that include AMT data in it. Released monthly by PBS.



Proof of concept completed with Alphpharm who has populated CTPP ids for their GTINs in NPC (about 800 products). Users subscribed to the NPC & Alphapharm's catalogue can access this 'mapped' data. Next step is to launch this to all pharma suppliers in the NPC to validate or perform their CTPP mapping & populate their NPC catalogues. Access to NPC data is a push model.


The idea is each NPC supplier populates the right CTPP ids for their GTINs/products. There will also be a data quality program (involving the Agency and GS1 Aust) to ensure the CTPP data in NPC is valid and not inactive.


Updates on this work will be posted to


Info from  Richard Townley-O'Neill

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