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Monday 19 December 2017

at 2:00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (Queensland 1:00pm)


  • Stephen Chu (Chair, scribe)
  • Andrew Griffin
  • Eric Browne
  • Brian Dunstan
  • Mina Wanis
  • Him Hogan
  • Bindu Kakkadvath
  • Danielle Bancroft


No apology received

Approval of Draft Agenda

Draft agenda approved with one new item addition:

    • New business: email notification issue


Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting/Conference Call

Meeting November 2016


No issue was raised for discussion


Danielle: move to accept; Mina Wanis: second

No further discussion. Conference call minutes of November 2016 accepted as official record

Actions Arising from Previous Meeting/Conference Call

FHIR Project on gForge and FHIR Chat (Zulip)

Stephen reported completion of the following action item

Action closed

Stephen to provide URL to the FHIR gForge project page (completed)

Stephen to provide URL to FHIR chat (Zulip) (completed)

Workgroup Mission and Charter

Mission & Charter


Contents reviewed by members present at the conference call.

Eric Browne suggested one minor editorial change:

      • HL7 v2.x standards formerly published as AS4700.3 (pharmacy) and AS4700.5 (immunisation)

Suggested editorial change made during conference call:

add "formerly" to the bullet point


Eric Browne: move; Mina: second

No further discussion.

Votes: 7 (in favour; excluding presiding chair) / 0 (objection) / 0 (abstain)

Mission and Charter approved.

Next revision: December 2018 (or earlier if necessary)

Workgroup Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process - DMP


Contents reviewed by members present at the conference call

    • All agreed to remove reference to "Roberts rules of order"
    • Proxy representation: it is agreed that there is no immediate need to address this and can be dealt with later if situation necessitate reconsideration


Eric Browne: moved / Andrew Griffin: seconded

No further discussion

Votes: 7 (in favour; excluding presiding chair) / 0 (objection) / 0 (abstain)

DMP approved

Next revision: December 2018 (or earlier if necessary)

Australian Requirements - FHIR Resources


Medication Request

Medication Dispense

Stephen provided an overview of discussions and rationales leading to selecting the three medication resources as priority items for Australian localisation work:

    • Identified as priority resources by members at the November 2016 conference call
    • Stakeholder willingness to commit resources to do the work

FHIR Medication Resources - Work Plan

Discussions on the workflow/sequence on locationalisation work:

    • serial/sequential versus parallel processing

Serial/sequential processing:

    • advantage - resource is the focal point of group efforts;
    • disadvantage - impacts of changes to one resource on others may be overlooked

Parallel processing

    • advantage - impacts of changes to one resource on other related resources will be identified and managed
    • disadvantage - requires members volunteer to lead parallel streams of work and coordination with each other


    • To start focused processing on Medication base resource
    • Followed by parallel processing on medication request and dispense resources

Action Arising

Members to provide the co-chairs with use cases/requirements at least one week prior to conference call on 30 January

email addresses:

Co-chair(s) will upload the use case/requirement documents to Medication WG confluence for member review and discussion at the conference call

January 2017 conference call: to determine work plan for the three resources

Other Business

(1) email notification problem

It appears that non of the Medication WG members including the co-chairs received WG meeting notifications despite they all subscribed to confluence notification

Action arising:

    • Stephen to inform HL7 Board/Secretary on the issue and request rectification

(2) Co-chair nomination and election - February 2017

Members encouraged to nominate and stand for co-chairs position

    • Nominations are to be sent to, and must include a photo and brief (maximum 300 word) candidate statement
    • Nominations must be received by no later than 5pm (Sydney time) on Wednesday 25th January 2017
    • The voting period for TSC Chair, Working Group Co-Chairs and the remaining Ordinary Board Member position will open at 3pm (Sydney time) on Friday 27th January 2017
    • Electronic voting details will be sent to all current financial members prior to the opening of the voting period
    • The voting period will close at 5pm (Sydney time) on Wednesday 1st February 2017
    •  Election results will be announced as soon as possible after the close of the voting period

Next Conference Call/Meeting

Monday 30 January 2017

At 2:00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving (Queensland 1:00pm)









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