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Monday 26 September 2016 at 2:00 to 3:00 pm


  1.  Welcome, attendance and apologies
  2. Approve agenda for this meeting
  3. Approve minutes of previous meeting
  4. Minutes of meeting: 29 August 2016
  5. Approve Mission and Charter
  6. Approve Decision Making Process
  7. Relevance of HL7 FHIR Medication Resources to Australia
  8. Forward planning
  9. Other business


Stephen Chu (chair and scribe)

Eric Browne

Brett Esler


Nil received

Meeting Notes:

Draft Agenda

Reviewed and approved by all present

Minutes of meeting:

Approval of previous meeting minutes is deferred due to quorum not reached


Mission and Charter

Mission & Charter

Mission & Charter contents edited and updated - based on the format of the HL7 Australia Patient Admin WG as recommended by Eric Browne at previous meeting.  

Contents reviewed during meeting

Eric and Brett recommended two changes:

  • Add reference to HL7 CDA within the scope of Workgroup Charter statements
  • Add reference to continuing works done under Standards Australia IT14-6-4 (AS4700.3 - Pharmacy and AS4700.5 - Immunisation), and Australian Technical Specifications on eTP (electronic transfer of prescription and dispense records) for MyHealthRecord implementations

Update done. Action item completed.

For final review and approval at next meeting (Monday 31 October 2014)

Decision Making Process

Stephen has input approximately 1/3 of the DMP (decision making process) contents.

The number required to reach quorum was discussed.

It was recommended and agreed that the minimal number should be 4 (this includes at least one co-chair).

The principle guiding this decision is that with 4 present, there will be 3 voting members and hence minimising the need for the chair to cast decision vote (note that a tie can still be reached with two opposing vote and one abstain vote)

Action: Stephen will continue to input contents for remaining sections.

For review at the next meeting

HL7 FHIR Resources

Five FHIR resources on medication topics:

    • Medication
    • Medication Order
    • Medication Dispense
    • Medication Administration
    • Medication Statement

Brett recommended work on medication order:

It was agreed that this is an important item. Stephen recommended that the work item should include medication resource as it is the foundation for all medication management events.

Forward Planning

FHIR Medication Resources

It was agreed that there are sufficient Australian implementer interests on FHIR medication resources to warrant localisation works on the two high priority FHIR resources:

      • Medication
      • Medication Order

Localisation works on other FHIR medication resources may be commenced after these two high priority items.

Build on work done by the Australian Digital Health Agency (i.e. mapping of the Medication DCMs to FHIR medication resources)

eTP CDA Implementation Guide - ATS

It was agreed that these ATS are important for MyHealthRecord implementations. Continuation works should initiated if resources (i.e. domain and technical experts) are available.

Build on work done by the Australian Digital Health Agency (i.e. eTP CDA IGs)

Actions Arising

Decision Making Process

    • Stephen to complete the contents for review

Work plan on FHIR Medication Resources and eTP CDA Implementation Guide

    • Explore with the Australian Digital Health Agency re what resources (domain and technical experts) that the Agency may be able to make available to assist with the FHIR resources and eTP CDA IGs

Stephen to contact Andrew Griffin: request him to join next conference call

Other Business

No other business was raised for discussion

Meeting Adjourned

at 3:00pm Australian Eastern Time

Next Meeting:

Date: Monday 31 October 2016

Time: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving)




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