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Discussion items

Australian Pathology Messaging - Localisation of HL7 Version 2.4Michael Legg
  • Document has been submitted for HL7 Australia Board approval
  • Jason proposed to the Board that the document be published
  • Donna to send Jason the PDF version without comments
REF messageMichael Legg
  • Andrew and Jason have had correspondence with regard to O&O working group taking on REF message
Indication of consent messaging

Angus Millar

Toby Mathieson

  • Walked through 3 types of consent messages:
    • Pre-consent
    • Withdrawal of consent
    • Post-review consent
  • Need LOINC code for question 'Patient consent to upload healthcare document' - ? LOINC code 64292-6 OK? or need to request for new code?

Action items

  • Donna Moore Send the Australian Pathology Messaging - Localisation of HL7 Version 2.4 to Jason and ask if the document is approved, when will the document be published?