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 started 10am (AEST) and finished 12.05pm (AEST)

Next meeting 10am (AEST) 14th November



Discussion items

  • Update on the Referral profile work 
  • Reference to Jared's feedback spreadsheet (feedback from one vendor)
 Change of requirement in specification from Australian Digital Health Agency (Agency) Jared, AndrewThe Agency are concerned about time frame for vendor implementation of the spec and have changed tack by just wanting a REF message with only a pdf display segment, where systems only requirement is to be able to display the pdf.
Discussion on this being the lowest base requirement and all other atomic data would be lost ie a lost opportunity to get some standardisation of the REF atomic data eg allergies and medications.
Review of Appendix 5
JaredRe: HL7au:000002 - "The system receiving messages must ensure the received message is adequately identified (HD component of EI must be valued as well)." Seemed to have come from the AS 4700.2 doc. Discussion on use of term "adequately identified". Compared to HL7au:000004.2, added a comment regarding " resulted in this CP being edited. Andrew and Jared to take this offline to progress.
Jared's feedback spreadsheet dicussed (feedback from one vendor)JaredMainly directed to handling pdf, so it required other formats eg HTML the conformance doesn't need to be as strong.
Discussion regarding Australian vendor capabilityJared, AndrewVendors who aren't able to comply with the standard understand that the standard is something that needs to be complied with, but many haven't actually made any changes or attempted to be compliant with the standard.
Discussion on criteria for producing an ACKJared, AndrewSystems should be able to produce an ACK upon receiving a message, but some systems are reliant upon specific trigger from the messaging provider to produce an ACK.
Discussion on requirementsAndrewDiscussion on restricting to one OBR and PDF display segment, but if a system sends medications, allergy information, then systems should be able to handle it, but that has been thought to be "more" than is needed ie just a REF with a display pdf.
Formatting the new versionJaredThe pdf generated version needs some hard formatting of each table.
DMc to look at the old version which has the formatting and then need to copy these formats to the new version of the standard.
Reviewed Vince's feedback of standardJaredJared reviewed the changes that required committee feedback and made appropriate changes as directed by c'tee.
Changed Appendix 5 to "Normative".

Action items

  • Jared DavisonAndrew McIntyre to progress the discussion on Appendix 5 conformance point (in table) HL7au:000004.2.
  • David McKillop to do formatting changes to tables from draft to snapshot to provide a PDF version. 
  • ADHA and REF message - if a highly constrained message has to be used then it is a constrained message described in this standard ie REF message with a single OBR  with at least a PDF rendering
  • Jared Davison - Need to action Vince's point 5
  • Jared Davison & Andrew McIntyre Ensure validator issues are addressed in standrd