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  started 10am (AEST), finished 12.45pm (AEST)

Next meeting 16th January



Discussion items

Initial discussion on use of a terminology for pathology headingsMay be progressed in the next PITUS round.
Brief discussion on where standards should be done (response to David's survey)

Issue with publishing

Nothing really happening with standards in Aus.

FHIR work with community involvement and connectathons is a good model.

 Question of publishing

 Jared: Have an outstanding technical issue ie pdf cannot part way through document and go to landscape. Plugin people were not going to prioritise the feature and could be several months to progress.

Suggestion that when tables exported to pdf are more difficult to follow, but if people know they'll get a better presentation on line.

Suggestion is to not have any landscape pages, but output isn't too bad of the current pdf format.

HL7 Au Pathology V2 publication

To be updated with the current/correct version.

Invite HL7 Au to next meeting on 16th Jan 2018 to clarify publication process. Query - HL7 Au to have a publication manager.

ORC discussion

Std is limited to one OBR. Use of a code is an option, but >1 code is required.

OBR-31 "Reason for study" may be an option for the reason for the study.

Looked at using Placer fields OBR-18 to OBR 21, but could be an issue if used already by systems.

Looked at OBR-46 & OBR-47 "Placer supplemental service information", is new so may not be used by many systems. Is a repeating field and could be used for other uses. Check for an appropriate SCT code - need aparent code to say "summary of the referral is in this section". LOINC had some codes but were too specific.

Andrew and Jared to edit current document to remove the ORC and describe the logic of where to put the detail.

Jared Davison to talk to NCTS to get a code.

Progressed through the document review comments
  • remove references to AS 5017-2006 (AS 4846-2014 is a general reference)
  • where further information was referenced in the document the stance was to refer to the international std as the content is not inherent in this specification purpose.
  • Most of the content of DG1 has been made obselete.
  • Discussion on IAM and AL1 segments: IAM - transactional; AL1 - snapshot of current patient allergies. Doesn't make a lot of sense to have an IAM in a referral (REF) as all the information should be in the AL1. IAM is contrained out of the HL7 Au simplified profile.
  • Discussion on AMT codes and MIMS codes. Added clarifying text and resolved issue.
  • RXC - change "MIMS-GENCODE" to lower case.
  • Refereces to International std chapter to sections without content.
  • Discussion on correction to results.

Action items

  • David McKillop to check the tables in the pdf document and report on any difficult to read tables.
  • Jared Davison to talk to NCTS to get a code for the referral.
  • Michael Legg Invite the HL7 Australia Board to the next meeting on 16 Jan.