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 10:00 AEDT

Meeting 39


Anthony Cruice (Meeting note maker)
Rob Eastwood
Chris Lindop
Liam Barnes
Angus Millar
Dalisay Giffard
Kyle Macdonald
Eric Browne
David McKillop
Danielle Tavares-Rixon
Peter Macisaac (10:09am)
Michale Legg (10:18am)
Vince McAuley (10:16am)


Andrew McIntyre
Jared Davison

IHE Document discussion.

Peter Macisaac (IHE Australia Secretary) gave an overview of the document that was shared.
Brief work flow is
Get use cases right --> Generate a Profile --> Implementation Statement by Vendor when adopted.

Dalisay raised the need for separate groups to work together where they are working in the same area.
Level 3 structured reports for structured reporting for cancer NPAAC Requirements for Information Communication and Reporting (Fourth Edition 2020) This document has a date of effect of 1 August 2022.
Only a body of formatted text in a HL7 v2 message.

Michael Legg joined the meeting and advised he invited Peter Macisaac. 

Receiving systems identified as a hold up.
Vince - Plenty of smaller players that aren't in position to create valid HL7.

Unattributed - NPAAC mandates HL7 2.4. Finished in 2020 but does say use the latest standard.

Vince - NCSR integrated for MD and BP using FHIR.
Allows practitioners without extra logins to lookup and update information in the NCSR. Launching in Communicare this month.

Unattributed - IHE has moved to version 2.5 HL7 vs O&O on 2.4
Ability to specify specimens.
May need to consider FHIR instead of change from 2.4 to 2.5 which not a small change.

Angus - FHIR orders for Genie at Sonic. Starting to look at. Not bespoke. Orders and status updates only in scope. Use SPIA national catalogue. Just finished mapping.
Michael Legg - NSW Health also a long way into it and have the infrastructure. Healius also used it is his understanding.

Chat Text
David McKillop to Everyone
FYI -I recall there being significant changes from HL7 V2.4 to HL7 V2.5 and here's a summary from Ringholm:

Unattributed - EReferral Hub discussion. Is some elements in this standard that allow for that.
Angus looking at many interconnecting hubs. Trying to follow standards as best possible. And doesn't want to do something different to the agency.
Danielle - Agency has it in the budget. Still need confirmation on exactly what will be funded.

Next meeting agenda

- Michael Legg.

-Where we put our efforts in terms of further development. 2.4 --> 2.5 or go to FHIR.
-Danielle if she is able to advise in a few months time on the agencies view on hubs. Moving towards and announce-able. Going to find out.
-The meeting may be delayed until the Agency is able to provide updates on Hubs and their other plans.
-Tentative date Tuesday 21st September for next meeting.

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