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 10:00 AEDT

Meeting 38


Andrew McIntyre (AM)

Anthony Cruice

David McKillop (DM)

Jared Davison

Eric Browne (EB)

Lars Becker

Liam Barnes

Danielle Tavares-Rixon (DTR)

Rob Eastwood


Lars Becker: 

ADHA hesitant to start up a program themselves. Limit their own guidance to preventing clinical safety risks. Previous CDA conformance data prevented innovation, so not wanting to repeat that for other atomic data in HL7v2 or FHIR etc.

ADHA doesn't have a work plan item to provide comprehensive guidance for atomic display. ADHA would refer to a working group such as HL7 AU OO for that expertise.

AM: Documents need to render reliably. Standard already contains a number of rendering rules. 

Need a a test suite. Series of messages which stresses the display logic. "Send me a screen shot of each of these messages". The test cases would examine the screen shots for certain aspects of the display.

EB: Comparing 2 parts of messages would be a beneficial exercise. SPIA declared names and LOINC codes, but we have an alternative spelling, we're not clear on whether there should be rigid conformance of those names. Australia does not have an Australianised version of LOINC but could, other countries have this. 


What is needed: 

A list of test messages

A list of points for their display. It should be a requirement for end users to see what is expected by the sender.

Receiving system should render the messages and then the displays compared with the expectations.

DM: a lot of documentation on how to do things already. A lot of the documentation has been refined. Frustration that it is not being followed. Problem is lack of carrots or sticks to follow the standards. 

DTR: FHIR leaves display implementations largely to the implementer. Minimal guidance.

AM: If ADHA has political will then HL7 AU OO will put in the work to prepare test suite, but there is no point doing all the work if there are no drivers for implementers to use it.

JD: suggested inviting the ADHA reps Scott Ferris regarding NSMN conformance framework to the this meeting as there is likely a intersection here.

 Outstanding Meeting actions:

  • Next Meeting to be scheduled for 31st August 2021. 10:00-11:30 AEST (Sydney Time)

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