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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
28 Jun 2016David McKillop2016-05-31 Meeting notes
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    • Develop an implementation guide for standardised HL7 V2 messaging for Pathology orders and results

    • Timeline:
      • July - Draft ready for working group meeting
      • August  - Document ready for Ballot
      • September - Open for ballot
      • November - Ready to publish


30 Aug 2016Michael Legg2016-08-30 Meeting notes
Jared Davison2017-12-12 Meeting notes
  • David McKillop to check the tables in the pdf document and report on any difficult to read tables.
David McKillop2017-12-12 Meeting notes
  • David McKillop: to look at last AS 4700.2012 to see what Radiology specific content is missing in the new document eg LSPN's and table the differences.
David McKillop2017-11-14 Meeting notes
  • David McKillop to do formatting changes to tables from draft to snapshot to provide a PDF version. 
David McKillop2017-10-31 Meeting notes
  • ADHA and REF message - if a highly constrained message has to be used then it is a constrained message described in this standard ie REF message with a single OBR  with at least a PDF rendering
2017-10-31 Meeting notes
Jared Davison2017-10-31 Meeting notes
Jared Davison2017-10-31 Meeting notes
  • Jared Davison Jared to update chapters after comments from 6 Sept meeting, including checking tables against 2.9 version

Jared Davison2017-09-06 Meeting notes

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