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Incomplete tasks from meetings

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28 Jun 2016David McKillop2016-05-31 Meeting notes
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    • Develop an implementation guide for standardised HL7 V2 messaging for Pathology orders and results

    • Timeline:
      • July - Draft ready for working group meeting
      • August  - Document ready for Ballot
      • September - Open for ballot
      • November - Ready to publish


30 Aug 2016Michael Legg2016-08-30 Meeting notes
  • Michael Legg sent (10.14am 27.2.2018 AEST) Brett an email about the HL7 Au Board's decision on Brasskazoo.  Brett to follow up with details in the minutes of the last HL7 Au meeting.
Michael Legg2018-02-27 Meeting notes
  • Michael Legg Invite the HL7 Australia Board to the next meeting on 16 Jan.
Michael Legg2017-12-12 Meeting notes
Jared Davison2017-12-12 Meeting notes
  • David McKillop to check the tables in the pdf document and report on any difficult to read tables.
David McKillop2017-12-12 Meeting notes
  • David McKillop: to look at last AS 4700.2012 to see what Radiology specific content is missing in the new document eg LSPN's and table the differences.
David McKillop2017-11-14 Meeting notes
  • David McKillop to do formatting changes to tables from draft to snapshot to provide a PDF version. 
David McKillop2017-10-31 Meeting notes
  • ADHA and REF message - if a highly constrained message has to be used then it is a constrained message described in this standard ie REF message with a single OBR  with at least a PDF rendering
2017-10-31 Meeting notes
Jared Davison2017-10-31 Meeting notes

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