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201808 release

  1. Addition of Patient referral chapter and associated appendixes, HL7v2 VMR.
  2. Removal of first ORC segment (prior to the OBR and OBX before PV1) from REF_I12 message structure. The reason, is alignment with the international standard message structure. Note this may break previous messages which were conformant with AS4700.6 because that segment was mandatory in that standard and we were advised that this it broke the HL7 rules for local extensions. Whether or not it would break parsing of previous messages would depend upon parser behaviour.
  3. Updated METeOR code in chapter 2.

201701 release

  1. Removal of Site Sequence Number clauses as it is expected users will use ACK's.
  2. Updated METeOR codes where required.
  3. Updated references to AS 4846-2014 rather than the superseded AS 4846-2006 and AS 5017-2006.
  4. Inclusion of Patient Administrations segments for pathology ie MSH, PV1, PID
  5. Re-structuring of conformance points into a table, separating out each point into an individual item.
  6. Added PDF Comformance PDF/A-1b which off the shelf PDF validators can assess.
  7. Deprecation of PIT
  8. Development of more detailed conformance points in an appendix

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