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  • Discuss Connectathon Brisbane 16-17th October - tracks and interest
  • Discussion: SM PD group proposal: change UPIN to PRN type code for ProviderRole.identifier Provider Number; existing systems
  • Private Health Insurance Number
  • Medical Record Number 
  • NPIO added revuew 
  • Discuss: IHI status/record status extension URL issues
  • Agency: Luhn check constraint for HI available
  • BirthTime extension (added for reference)
  • BirthPlace extension (added for reference) - should we include Australian Address constraint
  • Formalise Committee Disposition: UPIN -> PRN for Provider Number PractitionerRole.identifier
  • Date Accuracy Indicator Extension review base IG
    • should Unknown codes be allowed when at time is present  (birthTime extension, deceasedDateTime)
    • should Estimated codes be allowed when at time is present  (birthTime extension, deceasedDateTime)
  • Device profile added: PAI-D identifier
  • HealthcareService profile added (see Jaco's comments on page Project: AU Provider Directory)
    • Issue: Eligibility cardinality + structure (this is drafted in IG)
    • Issue: ContactPoint.use extended set (HealthcareService, Organization and Location) - need to discuss


  • look at options - extend FHIRPath specification for Luhn
  • UPIN do an AU - "Medicare Provider Number" - ProviderRole; MeTEO name check
  • Remove identifier.type.coding.display from all; Check DVA
  • Example for NPIO; descriptions of content
  • Accuracy indicator code Datatype extension with code (AAA) only deceasedDate, birthDate
  • Implies a valid date entry - always; some of the content may be unknown or estimated

Address Profile 

Action items

  • Brett: Follow up Private Health Insurers list - investigate ECLIPSE 
  • Brett: copy namespace descriptions into ig + link 
  • Brett: Safety net Number investigation
  • Jaco: provide a list of ContactPoint.use items for CodeSystem 
  • Brett: Draft ContactPoint extension use for all of HealtcareService, Organization, Location, Practitioner, PractionerRole
  • Done Brett: Draft HealthcareService base IG profile
  • Brett: Draft a ContactPoint extension for AuxillaryUse extensible
  • Done Brett: add core birthTime extension to AU Patient
  • Done Brett: add Private Health Number to base IG basic profile
  • Done Brett: add Medical Record Number to base IG
  • Done Rob send Australian Address profile to Brett then put in base IG
  • Done Rob: Date Accuracy Indicator Extension send to Brett
  • Done Brett: Date Accuracy Indicator Extensions in base IG - some more work needed


1 Comment

  1. Brett Esler - as discussed, please see below for the list of ContactPoint.use codes the NHSD is currently making use of.

    I am sure that others may have additional items to add - however I think we should keep the list to only primary types, and perhaps allow for "extensibility" on the CodeSet

    afterHoursAfter Hourswork
    emergencyContactEmergency Contactwork
    crisisLineCrisis Linework
    billingAndPaymentBilling and Paymentwork
    customerServiceCustomer Servicework
    complaintComplaintwork** possible duplication - use customerService
    personalContactPersonal Contacthome
    referralenquiryPractitioner Referral/Enquirywork
    generalEnquiryGeneral Enquirywork
    otherOtherwork** possible duplication - use generalEnquiry
    defaultContactDefault Contactwork** possible duplication - use generalEnquiry

    a more defined list we have been working on:

    Legal, General, Customer Service, Billing and Payment, Private, After Hours, Emergency, Referrals, Admissions, Surgery