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Web Conference details:

11am Sydney time

PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

or Phone: +61 (0) 2 8015 2088, Meeting ID: 747 921 5691


Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health)

Brett Esler (Oridashi)

David McKillop (Agency)

Eric Browne (Montage Systems)

Jared Davison (MO)

Jeremy Crawford (MD)

Ritu Singh

Zoran Milosevic (BP)

Reuben Daniels (Qld Health)

Alan Taylor 

Thomas Clarke (BP)

Andy Bond (Genie)

Thomas Ellis (MO)


  1. AU Base R4 Ballot
  2. HL7 Australia Board
  3. SMART App Launch profile walkthrough and review
  4. Connectathon?

Draft HL7 Australia FHIR SMART App Launch Profile is now available here for review/comment:
Along with a walkthrough illustrating it in action:


  • AU Base 
    • going to ballot
    • Published for review
    • AU PD to follow - snapshot; and to ballot
    • RD: change log from STU3?  will assess this... 
    • RD: NCTS publication for all terminologies? will check
    • Brian working on canonical redirects for publication
  • HL7 Australia Board - AGM Aug 6 
  • SMART App Launch
    • SMART App Launch is as per international specification
    • We need some Australian context information typically needed here
    • Launch to local (desktop) applications could go via a web launch where context is obtained and send onto a locally running applicaiton 
    • Mainly talking web based application launch from an EMR - other launches like standalone and backend are available but not covered here
    • JWT - signing using NASH cert for verified claims
    • EB: governance processs for SMART Launch Profile
      • e.g NCSR practice enables access to local records.
    • Connectathon - interest? 
    • Open source projects are good to reference.

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