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  • PD FHIR Implementation Guide updated - quick walkthrough of updates
  • Connectathon Event - planned 25th July 2017 Brisbane 
  • Draft Publication timeline - IG connectathon branch (6th July; Review until 13th July - next meeting); examples added up to the event
  • Validation tooling - in progress for instance validation based on the profiles
  • Follow-up LDAP reference usage
  • HealthcareService roles: category, type, specialty ? Which to require - just specialty?
  • Follow-up: role codes - service + practitioner (will work up some CodeSystems and look at mapping)
  • Review basic API for search (for Connectathon)
  • Example services will be populated with example data - so can see searches being made
  • Address searching which to require?

    addressstringA (part of the) address of the locationLocation.address
    address-citystringA city specified in an
    address-countrystringA country specified in an
    address-postalcodestringA postal code specified in an addressLocation.address.postalCode
    address-statestringA state specified in an addressLocation.address.state
    address-usetokenA use code specified in an addressLocation.address.use


  • Update on implementation guide content and connectathon plans
  • Recommendation to approach agency to support use of Aegis testing tools (cost)
  • LDAP certificate references are currently used in production
  • Concern raised that certificate references create end-user usability issued compared to value (PEM) entries
  • Resolved to retain the certificate reference element in Endpoint extension to support current usage; vendors can move to value (PEM) entries based on client user feed back when if/when desired.
  • Further discussion on HealthcareService, PractitionerRole roles use - no firm resolution with different granularities and coding
  • Quick discussion on search API; request for feedback on required scope

Action items

  • Brett: notify formally of connectathon event

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