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  • Connectathon prep continues; webinar next week; event 25th July
  • Simple validation tools getting ready for connectathon
  • Investigation of Touchstone testing tools to formalise test sets around specification models/capability requirement (client + server aspects)
  • Available tools for xml/json format support HAPI (Java) + C# reference; for (de)serialisation; validation
  • Location/Address search minimum level (via chained search PractitionerRole.location, HealthcareService.location)
    • state, postcode, suburb (city)
    • near, near-distance (point distance)
  • Location/Address: look at possibilities
  • PractitionerRole - SNOMED + HI taxonomy extended (ANZSCO+) cover terminology use
  • Build a mapping of terminologies formally for use to service searches for practitioner role 
  • Look at practitioner role keyword terms also how to relate to terminologies

Action items

  • Brett: links for Java + C# FHIR reference implementations

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