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  • Actions: Java reference libraries 
  • Actions: C# (opensource) + Binaries - Nuget packages (stable); pre-releases are available also
  • Next week HL7 AU connectathon in Perth - current PD material available but no expectation to attend for SM PD project; will be engaging with vendors in WA
  • Planned timelines
    • Further draft content for AU PD going up in next 2 weeks ~  : items already discussed are not yet published
    • TouchstoneTesting scripts developed over next 4 weeks ~ 
    • PD test scripts will be developed and confirmed as part of HL7 international WG connectathon  -
    • Publish connectathon version ~
    • 1 day connectathon in Brisbane late September (consecutive days with HL7 V2 REF profile) - GOAL content fit for purpose: core search capability; SM addressing based on content
  • PRD identifier 
  • Identity and Certificates for secure message delivery
    • Trusted Certificates
      • NASH
      • Vendor allocated: policy framework for trust
    • Policy at this stage? 
  • Identity for PD service access
    • Certificates : client/server
    • OAuth 
    • Username/Password
    • Claims Based (JWT)
  • Security
    • Levels: system level (client/server) + organisation/customer
    • Transport level security: expected
  • Future: matching from different sources, federation, de-duplication 



V2 Mapping - Identifiers

  • PRD -> PractitionerRole.identifier 
  • Identifier.type = other id
  • Identifer.extension = identifier type
  • base profile
  • Vendor identifier 
    • SMD vendor id
    • require: type.code
    • require: system
    • require: value
    • require: assigner.display (need fields for V2 fields)
  • Recommended preference for identifier type i.e. NPIO, PRN, Vendor



  • if available and eligible for NASH SHOULD use it
  • written policy for certificate allocation is very desirable for users of the certificate
  • vendor is responsible for the entry and certificate/identity quality assurance
  • what attributes are required/desired in certificates; how should they be used

Action items


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