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  • Planned timelines
    • Further draft content for AU PD going up in next 2 weeks ~  : items already discussed are not yet published
    • TouchstoneTesting scripts developed over next 4 weeks ~ 
    • PD test scripts will be developed and confirmed as part of HL7 international WG connectathon  -
    • Publish connectathon version ~
    • 2 day connectathon in Brisbane - (combined with HL7 V2 REF profile) - GOAL content fit for purpose: core search capability; SM addressing based on content
  • Routing and addressing identifiers
    • V2 assigning authority added
    • V2 receiving application
    • V2 receiving facility
    • PractitionerRole: NPIO provider at organisation added
    • HealthcareService: HPIO available now
    • Vendor Directory Identifier added to PractitionerRole and HealthcareService for routing
      • require type = "VDI" (australian extension to
      • require system (vendor specific)
      • require value (vendor assigned identifier)
      • require assigner.display (vendor assigner)
      • optional assigner.reference (Organization entry)
  • Read - required for all resource types
  • Search - updates to scope of calls
    • mandatory support for PractiitonerRole and HealtcareService
    • optional support in referenced resources types Location, Organization, Endpoint
    • Address search: state restricted text? 
  • _include - mandatory support in  PractiitonerRole and HealtcareService for location, organization, endpoint
  • Identity for PD service access
    • Certificates : client/server
    • OAuth 
    • Username/Password
    • Claims Based (JWT)
  • Federation discussion
    • Secure messaging vendors
    • Jurisdictions


  • examples neeeded for all resources
  • LDAP still supported; PEM will be generally need for vendor exchange unless agreements made
  • UPIN/PRN issue with usage discuss at PA WG - may require base profile review for Provider Number
  • Vendor Id search is needed
  • Managing organisation wording in search is misleading
  • multiple postcode search is needed

Action items


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