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  • Planned timelines
    • TouchstoneTesting scripts developed over next 4 weeks ~ - delayed
    • PD test scripts will be developed and confirmed as part of HL7 international WG connectathon  - - delayed
    • Publish connectathon version ~ pushed back 1 week
    • 2 day connectathon in Brisbane - (combined with HL7 V2 REF profile) - GOAL content fit for purpose: core search capability; SM addressing based on content
  • Discussion: UPIN or PRN for provider number resolution: SA HB 234—2012; AS4700.x ambiguity; current OO specifications
  • Discussion: Proposed requirement for mandatory identifier assigner on all must support identifiers
  • Review: PractitionerRole - specialties NHSD + SNOMED sets ; placeholder for ConceptMap published 
  • Review: HealthcareService - service type- specialties NHSD + SNOMED sets ; placeholder for ConceptMap to be done
  • Discussion: Federation Models
    • Bilateral agreements
    • Federating/aggregating service


  • PRN -> UPIN change for Provider Number base IG; will confirm with PA WG
  • mapped routing address  - one routing identifier to mulitple practitioner roles or healthcare services 
    • test mapping; same delivery address multiple practitioner
    • search by routing id case; non unique results
  • use VDI - unique role identifier only; it can be used for routing
  • VDI : assigner is useful ;extensions same spot
  • Next call Roles vocabulary - mappings


Action items

  • Todo: Provider roles mapping SNOMED, NHSD
  • Todo: Healthcare service roles mapping SNOMED, NHSD
  • Todo: Enhanced examples 
  • Done: Vendor Id search is needed
  • Done: Managing organisation wording in search is misleading
  • Done: multiple postcode search is needed

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