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  • Certificate Policy Approaches
    • Certificate provided/referenced in Endpoint
    • Trust of NASH 
    • Criteria for Trust of Others
    • Certificate Authorities
    • Written process statements?
    • Certificate Revocation List


  • Support vendor allocated certificates
  • Vendor certificates must contain target identifier
  • Vendor certificates will be for vendor allocated target identifiers
  • Allow multiple target identifiers in vendor allocated certificates
  • Vendor certificate signed payload
    • MessageMetadataType: senderOrganisation (URI)
    • Verify the payload - obtain signing cetificate
    • Check certificate is trusted
      • CA Chain trust check
      • Check senderOrganisation is in the list of subject alternative names (URL) 

Action items

  • Todo: Provider roles mapping SNOMED, NHSD
  • Todo: Healthcare service roles mapping SNOMED, NHSD
  • Todo: Enhanced examples 

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