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  1. Followup: Brett + Jaco: HI Taxonomy representation of codes for HI Taxonomy source + mapping
    1. Overview done by Jaco
    2. Discussions initiated with NCTS + Clinical Informatics Group (Agency)  re publishing + scope review for roles terminologies - longer term project
  2. Federation Discussion Continues
    1. summarise federation decisions so far (!ApkGK_oT9urNu7gxb1JVeKUla55vnA)
    2. example federator 
      1. C# source
      2. Example:
    3. importance of compliance with federation plug and play
    4. Mapping ELS interaction service provider to managingOrganization
    5. Paging on federation


  • Jaco - recommend ANZSIC for HealthcareService.specialty; Lawrence SNOMED in the build now too late to change from that.
  • DIsposition: use SNOMED for now for both PractionerRole + Healthcare; need to be aware of the gaps; project to follow up for submissions to NCTS
  • Alex: federation paging return as blocks from each source
  • Jared: federator needs to be able to supply results; 
  • Bundle - Paging MAY be implemented by server; Paging MUST be supported by clients
  • - next page must supported if you page MUST be supported by clients
  • Search - MUST _count requested number or results per page from client MUST except when server wishes to return less than requested; count applies to the searched on resource type (_include items are not in the count)
  • Result order and content returned is up the server
  • Remain silent on use of _sort on search; recommend it is used if sorting implemented
  • Federator - SHOULD rewrite URL location to avoid conflict; up to the server

Action items

    • Brett: associated IG changes with PractitionerRole.specialty; HealthcareService.specialty
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  1. Hi Brett Esler & Group -

    Just want to confirm to ensure there is no confusion on the topic.

    HealthcareService has two important attributes to manage… this is:

    • HealthcareService.type
    • HealthcareService.specialty

    My recommendation is to use ANZSIC or HI for HCS.type.. not HCS.speciality.

    In order to locate a service by the "type of service" - eg Pharmacy, the need to support HealthcareService.type is a must.

    This may not be in the sights of the SMD working group, thus the topic can be deferred to the PA working group.