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  1. Minor corrections and additions to PD publication; link errors still present (to base IG + terminology binding)
  2. Blocker: Continued HL7 IG publishing issues - see
  3. HL7 FHIR R4 finalisation for ballot
  4. HealthcareService.type (general usage) terminologies and binding dicussion
  5. NHSR is now
  6. Release cycle 
  7. Other Business


  • IG publication still an issue - two to 3 weeks will lead to IG builder fixes given priority
  • Jaco: HealthcareService.type - consolidating non healthcare service items with HI service content
  • Service Registration Assistant 
    • project team forming at Agency; workshopping; 
    • interested parties as subscribers; 
    • tool for practice managers to advertise common identifiers and other information
    • issue HealthcareService.location 1..* causes issues; suggest most people could constraint 1..1 makes changes simpler e.g. change of service delivery properties; or ownership (providedBy)
    • can use HealthcareService.providedBy grouping can be done by this
  • Proposal constrain HealthcareService.location 1..1 in PD spec
  • Propose PractitionerRole.healthcareService link is useful as must support so can get to service information
  • Mailing address for HealthcareService (tracker already submitted by Jaco to HL7 international; not R4)
    • for PractitionerRole as well (more likely used than Practitioner)

Action items

    • Brett: following up on IG build issues
    • Brett: updates re Address states as above
    • Brett + Jaco: discussed HealthcareService.type terminology in PA WG will continue to work on that (not in scope for PD specification)
    • Brett: state constraint added to specification for addresses Organization and Location; with ValueSet
    • Brett: follow up on other territories for the states ValueSet  not needed at this stage
    • Brett: set up up a public servers page for reference
    • Brett: tracker on core HealthcareService description on scope - look at draft architecture

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