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  • Test Suite
  • Other Business


  • Sequence diagram - more work to do
    • suggest split of HL7 V2 producer and SM sender 
    • SM intermediary search 
  • Securing API
    • will defer this to define a set of useful methods
    • look into common usage and requirements there
  • Branch - cleanup and sequence diagram; branch for snapshot (est. Oct); further work items in the current build

Action items

    • BE: endpoints connection-type + payload-type Extensible
    • BE: verify all searches in are covered
    • BE: Search by Endpoint.identifier included in spec 
    • BE:  HealthcareService.location 1..1 in PD spec 
    • BE: follow up on other territories for the states ValueSet not needed at this stage
    • BE: tracker on core HealthcareService description on scope 
    • BP/PM: PractiitionerRole.healthcareService and _include - TH action to document the case 
    • BP moving SMD workflow from confluence to IG
    • BE use status/active on all profiles and support search by status
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