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  • Test Suite - held for branch
  • Other Business


  • Action BE: Official list for types of standards pubs
  • Action BE/BP: Snapshot PD spec against the Base IG 1.0.0 ballot - QA Review ETA 29 Oct and validators check
  • International - Core FHIR Infrastructure, Patient - issue Terminology, Observation in recirculation ballot - R4 considerations 1 week for scope (eta December)
  • BE:  Base IG trunk reference pre-adopt R4 search parameter location
  • BE: Base IG trunk geojson extension  (inline/reference) and search param (BP putting up samples)
  • PractitionerRole.healthcareService 
    • primary physical location
    • useful for some cases; want to know service delivery attributes for a practitioner in role 
    • Action add:  PractitionerRole.healthcareService  PD IG mustSupport  0..*
    • further discussion: _has; _include consider
  • KM: words to describe location.managingOrganisation appropriately to BP for HL7 International PA R4 inclusion

Action items

    • BE: Sequence diagram: suggest split of HL7 V2 producer and SM sender 
    • BE: follow up on other territories for the states ValueSet not needed at this stage
    • BE: tracker on core HealthcareService description on scope 
    • BP/PM: PractiitionerRole.healthcareService and _include - TH action to document the case 
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