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  • Brett Esler
  • Reuben Daniels
  • William Durnford
  • Philip Wilford
  • Kieron McGuire
  • Saravanan Shanmugam (Health Direct)
  • Paul McMahon
  • Jane Gilbert


  • Adrian Wilde (XVT)
  • Brian Postlethwaite
  • Reuben Daniels
  • William Durnford
  • Kyle MacDonald
  • John Carter
  • Murukesh Chandran
  • Jakub Sielewicz
  • Jaco Olivier
  • Jared Davison
  • Jeremy Crawford
  • Kieron McGuire
  • William Durnford
  • Steven Whittington
  • Philip Loya
  • Thomas Clarke



  • Set desired usage of elements; not exclude other current uses 
  • HealthcareService.type okay with binding 
  • HealthcareService.specialty - take this to SM vendors + Healthdirect - should job roles (223366009 Healthcare professional) be in AU base or only in PD spec - noting Preferred binding

Action items

  • Clarify name search on Organization is across alias names also in PD spec (BE to do)

  • BE: investigate why valueset expansion no longer happening
  • include: X509 mutual Auth referenced will be mandatory profile 
  • include: x-API-key documented as an optional profile
  • include: SMART on FHIR as an optional profile reference client profile ;  informative B2B informative work progressing - BP send link
  • future: keep an eye on PRODA progress (B2B PRODA)
  • BE: Change reference to SMD standard ATS 5822-2010 rather than 2013
  • BE: specialty is R4 only - so needs to be noted as custom for STU3
  • BE: followup on Touchstone when profiles available
  • BE: follow up on other territories for the states ValueSet not needed at this stage
  • HealthcareService.type binding will be to valueset descendant-of 224930009 BE: to add to CI build
  • HealthcareService.specialty binding - potentially descendant-of 223366009 / 394658006 
    • resolve to have sliced element with slice for each valueset 
    • keep the current ValueSet 224891009 (Healthcare services) as a slice
    • BE: add to CI build
  • Header x-API-key MAY be supported by client/server systems. BP provide some information on this profile : discussion will continue on this

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