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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
2018-10-10 Minutes
  • AU Base Status
2018-10-10 Minutes
  • Items to resolve before snapshot:
2018-10-10 Minutes
  •  Child Health WG: facility of birth (appears on NSW birth certificate)
2018-10-10 Minutes
  • BP: Organise call between Agency, AHPRA, NHSD, PA WG to discuss a solution for Practitioner.qualification terminology
2018-10-10 Minutes
  • Review PA Base IG content
2018-09-13 Minutes
  • HealthcareService 
    • location properties (characteristics) and others
    • billing/payments characteristics - service provision
    • timezone -  timezone database e.g.
    • languages - languages codesystem for use 
    • how to make available content from registration authorities; subsets; publishing; live sources
2018-09-13 Minutes
  • Jaco: Characteristics HealthcareService
2018-09-12 Minutes
  • Provider Directory status

2018-09-12 Minutes
  • Brett: look at + simplifier for profile pub
2018-09-12 Minutes

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  1. Is the working group meeting on today?



    1. Just pinged Brian P - he is on holidays and totally forgot to organise. My excuse is my brain is not what it used to be...