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The Patient Administration Work Group supports the HL7 Australia mission by defining the requirements and specifications to support the interoperability among clinical and non-clinical systems regarding patient, encounters, scheduling and administrative registries.


This group intends to produce normative standards and profiles (currently considering HL7 v2, and FHIR) by:

Identifying requirements and providing specifications for exchanging:

  • Demographic and administrative data used to describe patients, persons, service delivery locations and patient encounters [scheduled and/or actual], including healthcare providers, places, organizations, and their relationships in the context of healthcare encounters
  • Administrative data to describe resources, their availability, [for example, represented by schedules or by status], and regulatory topics such as licensing and credentialing information about individuals, animals, organizations and devices directly or indirectly involved in the delivery of healthcare services

Identifying requirements and providing specifications regarding system interactions and behaviors:

  • Additions and modifications to registries such as patients, persons, service delivery locations, healthcare providers, places, and organizations
  • Scheduling of appointments for services, encounters and associated resources. These processes include the functions of requesting, booking, notification, and modification pertaining to appointments and resources
  • Queries for information

Ensuring harmonization of the normative standard within the wider HL7 community

Provide feedback to HL7 International on local requirements that should be addressed in the core definitions

Support the implementation of Patient Administration artifacts at HL7 Australia connectathons

Formal Relationships

  • Medications
  • Orders & Observations


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