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Co-chairs: Brian Postlethwaite & (position vacant)

The Australian Patient Administration workgroup is currently active in producing FHIR profiles that cover how to represent the PA resources for use in the Australian context.

Most notably profiles for Patient and Practitioner and their Identifiers.


HL7 PA 2018 Goals ?

HL7 PA 2017 Goals

  • How will FHIR profiles/messages/documents get mapped to the v2/CDA world in the wild
  • Management of the governance of these artifacts
  • Promotion and alignment of activities for governance
  • Education for all levels (dev, operation, use) and awareness of activities
  • Hosting the development of profile artifacts for collaboration/consensus
  • Localizing the FHIR terminologies (bringing forward the AU v2 content into FHIR)

The next meeting of PA is by web-conference 11am AEDST - 17th January 2018

Previous Minutes: WG Minutes

Web Conference details:

Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

  • Australia +61 2 8355 1040

    Access Code: 957-666-181

First GoToMeeting? Try a test session:

Now comments are enabled so please:

  • sign-up if you do not already have a login
  • add comments on the relevant wiki pages

Comments on draft FHIR representations are appreciated.

Please also add comments on desirable agenda items or proposed work items.  

You can subscribe for automatic notification of the next WG meeting at

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Tools we use

Draft content for discussion: Here on Confluence (see the navigation at the left)

Discussions: Please refer to the FHIR discussion forums at

Technical Artifacts: Will be stored on the FHIR Servers at (May 2016) and the fhir registry at


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  1. What time are these meetings normally scheduled to be held please?

    1. Wed Every 2 weeks 11 am AEST - so now!