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Project Proposal

Create an Australian localization of the HL7 International FHIR Smart App Launch (STU2) specification for use in Australia.

This will leverage the international guide, and then provide additional guidance on specific properties, digital certificates, facilitating a general baseline capacity for Australian Smart Apps to be able to rely on a common set of context data to use - specifically Medicare Provider numbers, and NASH digital certificates.

An additional capability we would like to see is how we could securely leverage an agreed IdentityToken to exchange for access tokens in trusted 3rd party services (essentially enabling a form of single sign-on, or federation)

E.g. a Smart App use the Identity Token from a PMS to exchange for access into another system.

Smart Application Types to be considered:

  • Cloud Web hosts
  • Local Web hosts (on-prem)
  • Legacy Windows hosts
  • Cloud Smart Apps
  • Local Smart Apps

Expected Implementers:

  • Telstra Health - web(local) host, windows(local) host, cloud smart app(x3)
  • Other PMS applications (as hosts)

Open Source code:

Public Test Applications:

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