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This is a collaboration area for the Implementation Guidance and Roadmap project.

The first draft version of the document is available DRAFT DOCUMENT LINK

Please submit your comments in the spreadsheet available at our Google Docs page: COMMENTS LINK - by 5:00pm (AEST) on Thursday 25th August 2016 - to enable all comments to be consolidated in time for the review workshop.

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  1. Hi All,

    Reuben and I came up with the following common structure to apply to each of the V2, CDA and FHIR.

    1. Roadmap
      1. Current approaches
      2. Future use 
        1. 2 year 
        2. 5 year 
    2. Guidance 
      1. Infrastructure background (e.g. tooling, community skills and expertise, national infrastructure)
      2. Specification design - how to develop new specifications based on the <X> standard
      3. Specification adoption 
      4. Conformity assurance

    The overall document structure is:

    1. Background 
    2. HL7 V2 (structured as above)
    3. HL7 CDA (structured as above)
    4. HL7 FHIR (structured as above)
    5. Impact 
      1. of new technologies, in particular FHIR on other two technologies - technical aspects
      2. investment aspects
    6. Summary

    We already have sections under 2,3 and 4, as per Jane's entry

    Also, later in the afternoon Amy email-ed me an excellent summary which is very similar to the above. She does not have permission access yet (Beck said she would do shortly). Thanks Amy - I am including it here 

    I will look at updating the confluence structure tomorrow . 







    1. Great work both of you. Sounds excellent. 

  2. Jane GilbertReuben Daniels and Working Group Liaison OfficerAmy Mayer confirmed that she can attend the workshop on August 29th. This is great and thanks Amy for reshuffling your other commitments. We also raised a question whether we really need 2 days for this activity. We are no so convinced but would like to hear option of others. Thanks.