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This was a kickoff meeting for the project with the following agenda 

1. Brief introductions (All)
2. Background, scope, audience and expectations (Andy)
3. Structure of deliverable (All)
4. Weekly meetings slot (Thursday 9am good for all?)
5. Date for the workshop in ADHA (Aug 29th?)
6. Admin matters, e.g. timesheets, invoicing (ok for all to issue only final invoices to minimise admin?)
7. Other

Discussion items

10 minIntrosAll 
35 minBackground, scope, audience and expectations - discussionsAndy

This project was recently proposed by Peter Williams after several years of highlighting the need for this as part of discussions among several stakeholder groups including CIO forum. The initial aim was to develop a guidance for the development of CDA specifications for the use of broader e-health community in Australia interested in developing localised CDA specifications. This would address the concern that this knowledge is mostly kept within NEHTA teams, in spite of many interactions with the community. The initial focus on CDA was subsequently broadened to include V2 and FHIR, and the scope of this project now covers all these three technologies.

Andy suggested that the scope would cover two parts:

  • roadmap for each of these technologies (V2, CDA, FHIR), reflecting current state and also best estimate for future developments and thus investments or each of these technologies
  • implementation guidance - as high level rules to help decision makers and senior architects in apply the existing standards when developing their localised specifications

It was agreed that the deliverable will be structured in terms of these two sections.

It was also agreed that further subsections will be structures in terms of each of these technologies, but there will be an overarching section to analyses their cross-influences and impact.

Finally, content of v2 section may be provider richer analysis regarding the existing and future investments, considering that this standard has been used for many years and has wide adoption by jurisdictions and vendors.

In terms of audience, it was agreed that this would be informed decision makers, who have senior roles but also high level understanding of technology.

Finally, in terms of expectations, it was agreed that this document would be of value for jurisdictions but also other established, or emerging vendors.

In terms of roles, each of the technical experts will focus on their own technologies, while Zoran will look at common themes, provide overarching content and work with all three roles in coming up with the content according to the tight schedule.

10 minStructure of deliverableAll

This structure was discussed in part under the previous item, as per agreements reached above.

It was also agreed that Reuben and Zoran provide structure for the deliverable based on the discussions at the meeting, and based in prior email that Zoran provided for Andy.

Note that Amy kindly took notes about the structure and will provide her notes.

5 minsWeekly meetings slotAll

It was agreed to have regular weekly meetings on Thursday 9:30 am for several weeks. Zoran

Other meetings will be organised on an ad-hoc basis

5 minsDate for the workshop in ADHA Tentative date for the workshop was August 29.
10 mins Admin matters, 

Zoran communicated to the team that Beck indicated no specific timesheet template so the members should just send overall estimate of the time spent (say in %) as part of the overall time allocation

Reuben, Amy and Zoran were happy with the one invoice to be issued at the end of the project. Jane would like to have two invoices.


Action items